Success Stories

Read real stories of people, like you, who have improved their financial wellbeing with us.

Our clients have navigated their way out of debt, found direction to help them meet their financial goals, retired with peace of mind and made the move into their next life phase without financial stress.

Millie, Tamworth, 18

"Renee and Trish both have an amazing combination of knowledge and wisdom with finances and they’re both excellent communicators."

When you combine those two factors, it makes it so easy for the client to understand and comprehend how they can improve their situation to live a better life. They understood my situation without being patronising and they have given me an excellent basic knowledge of financial principles and greater financial freedom."

Ken & Anne, Dungowan, 71 & 68

"We are useless with money . . . always lived from week to week and scrambled to pay bills."

At one stage we were paying our credit card bills with other lines of credit. Having said that, our Lord has always provided employment and opportunities to help others. The personal and financial was considerable, however."

In short, it was stressful and exhausting. Why couldn’t we get it together? Other people could! We tried consolidating debt... got into more debt. We tried saving... always had emergencies which distracted us. We found ways to justify debt for the “thing” we wanted or needed but didn’t really understand the difference between needs and wants. We tried financial management but it was sooo complicated and defeated us."

Finally we found a simpler way with the principles now taught by The Tiny Foxes. And it is so liberating. Retirement is now secure, with an emergency account, a savings plan and most importantly... debt free!"

We can now enjoy helping others more and more often knowing we have the resources behind us. We can enjoy being more stress free, enjoy each other and have many more options for living our lives. It’s taken a good while and not been easy, but the rewards are priceless!"

Matt, Calala, 46

"Before my wife and I got married we attended the course to gain a better understanding of how to manage our finances better, to attain life goals."

In reality, my future wife had a fantastic understanding of how it all works, but for me, as long as bills were paid, I wasn’t fussed about money. All I knew was that I had no money."

After doing the course and listening to the really practical ideas that were suggested, I started to understand budgeting, how multiple bank accounts (for everything!!) can be so beneficial, and the importance of an emergency fund!! While I may not still get it right every time financially, I finally can see the ‘how and why’ of how things work."

Trish and Renee broke down the ideas and concepts in an easy to understand and implement manner. They were extremely approachable and open to questions."

Luke, Loomberah, 44

"Having lived a life full of consumer debt, maxed-out credit cards and scrounging to pay bills, it’s fair to say I was a slave to debt!"

But then, I was introduced to a new way of living, through the simple strategies taught by Trish and Renee. I’ve been on this journey for a few years now but considering I no longer have consumer debt, the credit cards have been cut up and cancelled, I have a spending plan that works, several savings accounts and an investment property."

Life is comfortable, the bills are accounted for, and I can take holidays without needing to pay them off for 6 months after returning from them! I finally have financial freedom and it feels good!!"

Don & Kathy, Moore Creek, 48 & 45

"We found this course to be very informative and included some great techniques and tips for managing money."

We have used a few different budgeting programs and tools in the past but found the material in this course to be a much more common-sense approach to creating a budget and using methods that actually work in the real world. We highly recommend this course."

Linnea, Tamworth, 32

"My husband and I were part of a group led by Trish around finances. Not only has the content helped us through to today but Trish has always been available for questions."

"Trish herself is wise, she made the course fun, which could have been oh so boring and she also made it achievable and motivating! Each person she works with feels valued and she has a heart to help people succeed in their finances.

David, Kootingal, 77

"To me, this course was a very down to earth way of approaching money management. Debt reduction was regarded as paramount."

All the approaches were well presented with questions answered and good advice given on many matters."

The discussion on budget setting was realistic with advice on how to keep to it and yet have a little flexibility leaving room for pleasure. This was a valuable course, all for the purpose of keeping oneself free from the financial stress of overcommitment."

Sound good?

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