Life Skills Academy

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Life Skills Academy

Want to support young people in your community and set them up for financial success? 

The Tiny Foxes are seeking partners to support a financial literacy program aimed at teenagers and school leavers. The program aims to equip them with essential life administration skills, help them effectively manage their finances from the start, and guide them in avoiding debt.

If you wish to become a sponsor or school or tertiary partner contact us now to start making a difference!

the tiny foxes

How the program works...

The Tiny Foxes will offer the Life Skills Academy digital course to the entire Year 12 cohort at the school of your choice. Accessible through a personalised landing page featuring the sponsors branding, the course provides students with the flexibility to learn essential life skills at their own pace.

It aims to support parents and caregivers in preparing their young person to handle financial matters, avoid debt, access necessary support, and navigate the administrative responsibilities of adulthood.

Our program is priced to maximise value. Normally, individual access to the course is $299 each. However, we are providing digital access to the entire Year 12 cohort for a fixed price of $5,000 + GST, regardless of the number of students in the cohort. 

We KNOW what a difference it can make to navigate your finances well from the beginning and avoid some of the mistakes that will cost in the long run. Beyond that we care deeply about getting this info into the hands of young people so they can fully capitalise on their potential. If you feel the same way, we would love to work with you to make this happen in YOUR community.

The Course

Lifeskills Academy

Getting ready to make the jump from school into further education or work?

This digital course is designed to help teenagers and school leavers to manage their finances after school. Learn the fundamentals of life admin, to manage your finances and set yourself up for success.

Topics include all of the important first ‘How to’s’ (bank accounts, resumes, cars, phones, payslips, first budgets etc).

We walk you through what you need to know about rent, bonds and all things tenancy, the importance of savings and the basics of money management. We include tips and tricks on how to get ahead and stay out of debt and point you to savings you can make today.
  • How to set up your first bank account.
  • How to budget for your first house fit-out.
  • Learn and set financial goals.
  • How to apply for a tax file number.
  • How to prepare a resume and nail your job application.
  • How to read a payslip.
  • How to set up a MyGov account.
  • How to lodge a tax return.
  • Rent, bonds and all things tenancy.
  • First insurances.
  • Fraud, scams and identity theft.
  • Savings vs borrowing.
  • Pulling in the same direction as your partner.
  • Round up programs.
  • Compound Interest – the importance of starting now.
  • Money mindset.
  • Mobile phones.
  • Boost money in.
  • Credit Cards.
  • Electoral roll.
  • Emergency Fund.
  • Fee Help.
  • First car – all you need to know.
  • Developing a spending plan (budget).
  • Consumer debt.
  • Find everyday savings.
  • Intro to superannuation.
  • Power of generosity and gratitude.
  • Debt reduction strategies.
  • Meal planning.
  • Side hustles.
  • Maximise borrowing capacity for your first home.
  • Pets and vets.
  • How to be the best employee ever.
  • Tips for low/irregular income earners.
  • Rent to buy programs.
  • Important documents.
  • Marketing tricks to beware of.

Start to make a difference now

Want to chat about the best way to help your community?

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