Custom Finance Workshops

Designed to suit the needs of your organisation, group, event or education institution

Financial literacy is the gift that keeps on giving – we equip teams, young people and groups to become more confident with their finances through our custom-designed finance workshops.

Gain exclusive tips and advice that will help your audience to reduce financial overwhelm, take control and manage their money, plan for their future and reduce stress around finances. Financial literacy and wellbeing don’t just affect an individual’s finances and budget – confidence and knowledge in these areas can have positive flow-on effects on an individual’s mental well-being and overall life circumstances.

Our team has extensive experience presenting to groups and will tailor your workshop based on the needs of the participants as well as the information that will provide most value in their lives.

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Who benefits from financial literacy?
Short answer: everyone!

We present to a range of audiences, from students at universities and groups facilitated through organisations that serve their community, to businesses and their teams, professionals in a seminar setting and students in a training or education environment.

Financial literacy has life-long benefits to any individual. Our tips and advice help people to manage their financial situation better through small changes, which can improve their quality of life and overall well-being.

To ensure our finance workshops are as accessible as possible nationwide, we’ve made our custom workshops available in a number of formats:

In person workshops

Online webinars

Corporate and university seminars

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What you’ll learn in our finance workshops and webinars

Our finance workshops and webinars will be customised to your needs and can cover a variety of topics, including:

“Trish and Renee have delivered financial training to our congregation over several years. We have seen their financial course and content literally transform people’s lives. More than 50% of our participants have made significant and measurable changes as a direct result of Trish and Renee’s content and training, eliminating crippling debt, purchasing first homes, rental properties and more.

“I want to recommend Trish, Renee and their team to your church for the impact they can have on your financial strength and for the transformational potential their content and training can have on individuals.”

Darren, Senior Pastor

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