Cash Journals

Spend cash and save money with a handy Cash Journal

Did you know you can slow down your spending with a cash journal?

Spending cash rather than paying by card is a motivating and tangible method of managing your finances. It helps you understand your spending limits because you can really feel it leave your hands.

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Get your Cash Journal today!

the tiny foxes

Become more savvy at managing your money

Need a little know-how to help you use your Cash Journal and spend your money wisely? Our Spending Plan 101 Mini Course is the perfect addition to our Cash Journals, giving you the confidence to effectively manage your money without having to regularly check spreadsheets and budget apps.

Cash journals, The Tiny Foxes

Our success stories

Don’t just take our word for it, see what others have to say. Read our client success stories below.

Don & Kathy, Moore Creek, 48 & 45

"We have used a few different budgeting programs and tools in the past but found the material in this course to be a much more common-sense approach to creating a budget and using methods that actually work in the real world."

Millie, Tamworth, 18

"Renee and Trish both have an amazing combination of knowledge and wisdom with finances and they’re both excellent communicators. They understood my situation without being patronising and they have given me excellent knowledge of financial principles and freedom."

David, Kootingal, 77

"To me, this course was a very down to earth way of approaching money management. This was a valuable course, all for the purpose of keeping oneself free from the financial stress of overcommitment."

Start taking control
of your financial situation

Be empowered to make meaningful, small changes to your habits for improved financial wellbeing.

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